Thursday, October 15, 2009



French Strawberry shortcake sandwiched and topped with 4 pounds of strawberries! Sponge genoise soaked in Kirsch syrup. The cake is filled with mousseline cream, a blend of Italian meringue butter cream and French pastry cream

Gâteau de Noël

This is not just ANOTHER Christmas Log cake.. 
Its a simple Chocolate Log cake with everything special in it!! Chocolate sponge with a hint of Bailey’s (My favourite!) Rolled with fragrant butter cream and coated with Chocolate Ganache..
$40 per log cake

CCC means Cookies and Cream Cake! Chocolate sponge with crushed oreo cookies in whipped cream. Finished off with my special Chocolate Ganache! This is the cake for Oreo lovers!!
$40 whole (9” diameter)

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